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Lloyd is a passionate fishing fishing guide based in Gore which is located in Southland and along side the famous Mataura river.

Lloyd Smith - Fishing Guide

Lloyd has over 30 years fishing experience he has extensive knowledge of the many rivers, streams and lakes of the lower South Island.


If you want to “Match the Hatch” on the Mataura river or find that special back country or lowland gem, Lloyd will arrange a fishing experience to your requirements whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned fly fishing expert.

  • Professional fishing guide
  • Highly experienced on the Mataura River
  • Extensive knowledge of lower South Island
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“Lloyd we are back in Sweden dreaming of warmer beautiful days in New Zealand, we had a really great day out with you and you have such a genuine and likeable personality. And calming. The time with you and your really great teaching skills paid off!!” — Linda and Henrik, Sweden